We are a Pentecostal outreach and deliverance ministry.  Not a normal deliverance ministry as you may have heard of before.
Ours is the kind that seeks out to get others delivered from addictions, such as drugs and alcohol, nicotine, etc. Also we deal
with issues such as homosexuality and transgenderism.  We believe Jesus can deliver ANYONE from ANYTHING!!!!   And
THAT is what we preach and teach.   All of this, of course, with the LOVE and COMPASSION of the Lord!!!!   And we do
all of this through our street ministry, tract ministry, pastoral home visits, one-on-one pastoral Biblical
Encouragement/Counseling, Home Bible Studies, Street Preaching, Speaking at Churches, wherever the Lord will lead.
We are a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit ministry since October of 2022.  It took us a long time to get our
Non-Profit status, since it is very expensive!  And since we are an outreach ministry, it's not like we ask for donations or pass
the offering plate to the homeless!
We also have an ordination program so you can obtain your ministerial credentials with us, if
that is your goal, to be a a minister or pastor.  So there are many ways to join up with us. And there is always room for you here
at Omega-Fire!
Omega-Fire Ministries-Tucson
Pastoral Staff